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E-POWER general characteristics
Socket 240VAC 16-32-63 A
  400VAC 3P+N+PE 16-32-63-125 A
Protection class IP 67
Accounting central and/or pre-paid system
Activation by transponder (contact-less key), remotely by SMART VIEW
Communication opto-isolated RS485, Baud Rate 38400 MOD-BUS protocol, maximum cable length 2,400m
  Wireless, using MOD-BUS protocol radio module with cell system, Baud Rate 64000
Languages Italian, English, French, German or Spanish, customizable
Diagnostics local, with display panel
Electricity metering electronic meter
Water metering plastic litre-counter turbine
Operation for prepayment, the user's credit is entered on the transponder, which authorizes use of and payment for electricity and water from the SMART module
Centralized accounting the transponder is used to authorize electricity and water use at a particular berth, while accounting is undertaken by the centralized control system. N.B. both methods of payment can operate on the same module (e.g. for visitors and permanent users) Using a management transponder, it is also possible to display each user’s electricity and water consumption if use of the module is required just for local metering purposes, without prepayment or remote metering
Transponder recharge The transponder can also be recharged using an automatic recharge system with banknote acceptor or with a system using a desktop decoder and PC for use at the reception
Material shock-resistant waterproof plastic
Display 16 character high-contrast backlit transflective LCD (high temperature operation)
Transponder reader module intelligent and stand-alone
Buzzer piezoelectric sounder for control of transactions and alarms
Data displayed electrical socket status ON-OFF-FAULT, electricity / water metering/accounting, credit remaining and diagnostics
Operating temperature -20° C to +100° C
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