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energy style
S700 L
T-Rex (NEW!)


    Outdoor for switches

    e • power Led backllight
  • cable holder
    quick coupling 1/2"
    nickel plates valves
    interlocked outlet
    240VCA 63A 1P+N+PE
    customized mosaic
    customized logo
    S•700L backside
    water tap
    S•700 L general characteristics
    Module Built in compliance with CE and IEC 364 - 7 - 709 standards
    Material AISI 316L
    Dimension 170 x 250 x 750 mm.
    Protection class IP56 standard
    Impact resistance IK10
    Working temperature -30°C +70°C
    Terminal block R S T N PE input/output 16 sqmm to 300 sqmm
    Interlocked sockets (230 VAC 2P+T) 16A/32A/63A/125A
      (400 VCA 3P+N+T) 16A/32A/63A/125A
    Sockets protection class IP67
    Protection switch 16A/32A/63A RCBO RCD Id = 30mA
      125A RCBO RCD Id=adjustable
    Lighting 9W 250 VCA low consumption fluorescent lamp • LED
    Water supply 1/2" ball valve taps or quick coupling
    Available metering system
    Energy meter Progressive energy meter, displays KW/h consumption for each socket
    Water meter display for progressive metering for each user
    Prepaid system Epower intelligent interlocked socket
    Remote metering system Epower network comunication system
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