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energy style
Smart View
Smart View

Smart View
Supervisory system for electricity supply modules
Metering of water and electricity consumption
Malfunction diagnosis for modules and electrical installation
Remote control of modules
Transponder recharging
User database
Log of service module transactions
Log of archived recharge operations per operator
Security of operations guaranteed by operator password
RS485 communication, MODBUS or WIRELESS (by radio) protocol
Pedestrian and vehicular access control
Operation via transponder or user’s GSM
User database
Black list access control
Transit log
User GSM function
Supply activation / deactivation
Supply status request
SMS reception in the event of differential magneto-thermal alarm
Opening of pass-point
Management of boats and bookings
The distinctive feature of the check-in function is the speed with which registration is carried out. To record the booking in fact, it is sufficient to record the date of arrival, the name of the boat and the size of the berth. The programme provides for a scanned copy of the customer's boat documents to be obtained. The documents are filed in a database for future reference. Selecting a berth is a very rapid procedure, using a visual approach to search the harbour map; during the search it is possible to change the date to show future situations. As the system is integrated with SMART View, the customer can be easily identified by using the transponder and, when vacating the berth, can immediately obtain an invoice (in about 60 seconds).
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